Vote Paparian for Congress

It is time to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home.

It is time to stand up to the Presidentís warrantless wiretapping of American emails and phone calls. Itís time to act. Thatís why Iím running.

I am running because our congressman needs to stand up to this rogue administration and say 'Enough! What you are doing is wrong and my constituents and I have had enough." Read more

The Dalai Lama and Bill Paparian
With the Dalai Lama

Take Action on Iraq. Notify  Congress and your newspaper that you oppose the war.

When elected, I will represent the majority of this Congressional District's opposition to George Bush, not collaborate with him.

I am running in order to give voters a choice, for a change; to give voters a Congressman who will tell the President, his henchmen and cronies, ďNo More!Ē

Bill Clinton and Bill Paparian
with Bill Clinton

Former Mayor of Pasadena Bill Paparian is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in California District 29 on the Green Party ticket.

Videos: Danny Bakewell Sr. and Bob McCloskey endorse Paparian

Elect Paparian to US Congress.
Bring 'em back, home from Iraq.
Vote your conscience.
For a change, vote Green.

Campaign headquarters
457 W. Colorado St,. Suite 202
Glendale, CA 91204.
(818) 242-VOTE

With Armenian Apostolic Church dignitaries

Danny Bakewell, Jesse Jackson, Bill Paparian
Danny Bakewell, Jesse Jackson, Bill Paparian

w/ith Armenian government dignitary

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