As your Congressman I will immediately move for the end of the US occupation of Iraq by the complete withdrawal of all US troops, civilian military contractors.

1. All military bases in Iraq built or occupied by the US will be closed down and turned over to the democratically elected Iraqi government.

2. All US troops will be deployed to the borders of Iraq as they prepare to exit the country altogether. US troops will assist Iraqi forces in securing their borders against foreign fighters.

3. Staffing levels at the US embassy in Baghdad will be reduced to the level needed for regular operations and embassy security.

4. Administration of Iraqi oil production will be turned over to the Iraqi government.

5. Reconstruction of the Iraqi infrastructure will be turned over to the Iraqi government. US funding for restoration of Iraqi public services will continue.

6. Iraqi military training programs currently administered by the US Department of Defense and its civilian contractors will be turned over to the United Nations.

7. The long term impacts of the war upon US troops and their families must be addressed beginning immediately. More than 18,000 have been wounded, another 103,000 will be seeking post-deployment medical care, and battle-zone related mental health problems of veterans, must be effectively addressed. The Department of Veterans Affairs budget will have to be increased in order to properly support and care for our veterans. An effective comprehensive transitional program for our returning troops and their families must be developed.

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