There is no better way to get out the vote to win elections than for someone to get a personal phone call from a sincere volunteer on talking about the issues. The Blades of Grass virtual phone bank will empower you with a simple, easy to use interface to make those calls in the most effective possible way. Help Bill Paparian, mount a strong challenge as a Green in California's 29th district, by reaching out to your friends and neighbors to vote for real policy change.

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Once you log in you will have instant access to the virtual phone interface including:
  • All the numbers you will need to call will be provided one at a time as you use them
  • An easy to use results form to report the outcome of each call
  • A live chat function with instant help during all waking hours that you can also use to chat with other virtual phone bank participants online
  • Ready to use phone cards so you can make the calls at no charge to yourself if you like
  • A simple script to tell you what to say and with suggested responses to possible questions
We must reach out to our friends and neighbors in every way we can to take our country back. If we are to speak truth to power we must talk to the people also, for the people truly do have all the power. They've always had all the power. Street by street, building by building, door by door, each person who will speak out now will be that much more motivated, to replace members of Congress who would not listen, with those who will.